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Model Number: Chuango H4 Alarm System

This alarm system connects to your WIFI. It has a 15 hour back up battery incase the power supply to the property is cut. It also uses a simcard to call you if the WIFI is not available and the alarm is triggered. The App will siren and alert you when the alarm is triggered and it will tell you which sensor was triggered provided you name every sensor on the App when installing. The system runs on data and is fully controllable via a smartphone App. Numerous Apps can be loaded on different phones and these Apps synch automatically when the alarm is turned on or off by either another App or by a user with a remote control. There is an event log that records the alarm history. The WIFI smart home plugs as well as the cameras can be viewed and operated through this App if purchased separately. All the Chuango wireless accessories are compatible with this alarm kit and can be added with ease.

Please see some of the features below:

  • 2 in 1 security alarm system and home automation
  • Wireless sensors
  • Supports WIFI and GSM, dual protection
  • Free smartphone APP to control the alarm from anywhere
  • Event alerts via APP notifications and voice calls
  • Connected smart plugs can remotely be switched on/off
  • Supports 10 remotes and 40 wireless sensors/smart plugs
  • Remote listening and 2 way calls
  • Backup Lithium battery to ensure 15 hours of protection